Ball Dogs Steal The Show In Sao Paulo

Elias and Carballes Baena have special help in Sao Paulo

After their wins on Thursday at the Brasil Open in Sao Paulo, Gastao Elias and Roberto Carballes Baena hit a few more balls on Centre Court with some very special ball boys - four trained shelter dogs.

The activity was sponsored by Premier Pet, which has subsidised pet food to thousands of dogs and cats at shelters throughout Brazil for many years. The 'ball dogs' that participated in Thursday's initiative are part of the ONG ABEAC (Associação Bem-Estar Animal Amigos da Célia) charity, which shelters more than one thousand dogs and cats.

“It was a lot of fun," said Carballes Baena. "I had never had dogs as ball boys. It was a really nice experience and for a good cause."

Elias added, “I think it's an interesting initiative. It is important that people know about these organisations and I think it is a good way to promote them. I had a great time because it was a unique experience and I would for sure do it again."

ONG ABEAC President, Marli Scaramella, talked about the importance of doing such an activity at an important sporting event, as it educates people about the charity and raises awareness about all the dogs that are looking for a home.